Company Profile

Top Villa is a multi-disciplinary company based in Doha Qatar, boasting with an impressive portfolio since 2009. We take a great pride in our company’s expertise in hotels, resorts, residential facilities, multi-story residential buildings, private villas and palaces, sport facilities, government administration projects, health care and hospitals, retail shops and commercial buildings.
We are specialist in projects that rely heavily on skilled manpower and experienced team. With a highly creative, versatile, flexible and uniquely outstanding management, interior designers, well experienced architects and engineers with one goal in mind to create an image of your desired project and make it a reality by delivering a cost effective and efficient results in a timely manner.
Enlisted are some of the different services that our company offers:
1- Trading & Contracting
2- Design consultancy
3- Interior Design, Decoration & Fit-Out
4- External Elevation & Landscaping

Our Mission:

To provide a full range of services to the clients; starting at the needs assessment phase through the project identification and justification phases, to the design of the project, its implementation through procurement and construction and project management.

Our Vision:

We strive to execute our projects in such a way as to continue towards capacity building in the communities where we operate.
Employment creation and the transfer of knowledge and skills to local communities are part of our main Vision in our involvement projects. We have a tradition of assisting our clients at management level and providing them with full support.

Our Ideas:

Our main approach to design in Top Villa Trading & Contracting can be summarized mainly as: very well resolved, creative, versatile, flexible and uniquely outstanding while perfectly blending. As each project has its own very particular set of design goals, objectives and constraints, it is natural that each design outcome should be unique. Understanding the needs, expectations, goals and vision of our clients is the main key to our “Client-Centric” design philosophy. We believe that the best design solutions should be timeless ad universal with distinct style that is exclusive to the project and instrumental in the maximization of the revenue per square meter of operational space.

GM’s Message

Welcome to Top Villa Company. It seems only a short while since 2009, and our first small steps into the market place of Qatar in terms of Trading & Contracting & Interior Design.
In fact, we were indeed, newcomers. Many of the prestigious international trading & contracting companies were already represented, and big names of interior and exterior design companies were in the Gulf. Through the untiring efforts and dedication of both management and the team, we have nevertheless been able to achieve rapid progress by introducing our company to the construction market. Today, we are one of Qatar's top choices in residential and commercial construction and interiors among many other companies within the GCC area.
Our strength lies in our ability to create fresh, elegant and one of a kind design and often innovative ideas by using the enormous resource we have in-house, to shape and mold these concepts into practical and cost effective proposals for project every project that we offer to our clients.
We, at Top Villa Company wants to be a part of fulfilling your dreams and desire in designing and building your dreams.

Ayman Muhi Al-Deen
Managing Director

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